Philosopher and comedian Paul Smit is the most in demand speaker in the Netherlands.

He gives custom made interactive and humorous presentations about human behavior and the brain

and talks about influence, change, innovation and collaboration.

“Great talk today in Barcelona, we are all impressed and Paul raised the bar so high, sorry about the rest of the speakers.”

“The seminar was beyond expectation. Paul Smit was very entertaining and managed to get the entire audience to participate.”

“Paul Smit has a great expertise in the way people influence each other. This session has totally changed my view of how and why people make choices.”

“It was a very nice and inspiring presentation, not only from an educative point of view, but also for entertaining!”

“This seminar is the best seminar I ever have attended, humourous, exciting, entertaining, easy to follow, good interaction between trainer and trainees, clear practice examples, awesome fantastic trainer.”

“Thanks to a great performance by Paul Smit, our guests started the World Café with a lot of enthusiasm.”

7 principles for change

How does change work? How do you change your own behaviour? How does change management work best? What positively affects the way people act and work together? In an interactive and humorous keynote presentation, Paul Smit talks about the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology. He shows how we can use the 7 principles for change to increase people’s involvement and trust and how to make change easier.

Duration: 30 – 90 minutes

Influencing the brain

Influencing the brain is a humorous keynote presentation with the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology. How do people influence each other? How do you influence yourself? How do you influence a customer? With clear examples, humour and interaction, Paul Smit highlights important insights about how influence works in our brain. With his expertise about neuromarketing and philosophy, he shows the audience that our brain is not capable of making rational choices or to look at the world objectively. He explains which buttons you can push in order to trigger the unconscious brain activity. Influencing the brain is a unique combination of humour and insights.

Duration: 30 – 60 minutes

World Café

If you are looking to add an interactive and meaningful element to your meeting, the World Café may be the perfect solution! During a World Café the participants are seated at round tables and start having a dialogue on three themes in three rounds. The participants are encouraged to write down their views and ideas on the table cloths, effectively creating a collective mind map. The World Café is the ideal method to establish ownership, connections, inspiration, awareness and new ideas.

Duration: 2 hours

Paul Smit graduated with an essay on ‘the evolution of human consciousness’.

He wrote ten books about philosophy, psychology and neuroscience.

He knows how to convey complex issues in a comprehensive, humorous and practical way.

In 2018 I started Pathways Global together with topcoach Scott Byrd from the US. We focus on training, coaching and consultancy.



Apart from a sincere and good friend, Paul is an absolute multi-talent and the funniest autodidact I know! The perfect mix of integrity, discipline and inexhaustible creativity."



There are no words to describe Paul.You HAVE to EXPERIENCE him at least once.(and then again and again)



The presentation of Paul is very well received. We have had many positive reactions. A very strong presentation, presented in a great way.



Paul’s combination of humour and nonduality is unique and very effective. At first he opens your heart by making you laugh. Afterwards he opens your eyes by sharing insights that were unreachable for your thinking ability.



Paul Smit’s show is inspiring and complete. With a lot of humor and in an appealing way, he explains about the functioning of the human brain. I recommend it!


What a fantastic show! I enjoyed it!

Your presentation was great, I’ve been contacted about it several times last week!

Yesterday I enjoyed the performance enormously, intriguingly interesting and also fun and fascinating.

Super inspiring presentation at the export group tonight!

It was interesting, fascinating and funny, great!

What a successful afternoon! Good flow, enthusiastic colleagues and a top speaker. My compliments!

What a combination of talents! Playing guitar, singing, neuroscience, mentalism, imitations and humor.

Very inspiring! Clear examples with applicable tips & tricks.

I am now conscious about how unconscious I am. The imitations were sublime!

I have seen many speakers coming along in the past 40 years. This show was the best of all. Formidable!

Superb performance yesterday, great insights!

It was educational and also very entertaining.

I thought “I’m curious how someone will entertain me for 75 minutes”. I was fascinated from start to finish, beautiful show!

The performance was super fun and inspiring! It could have lasted much longer for me.

It was recognizable and very funny. People talked about the show all day long.



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